Perpetua and Felicitas, Omeka

Using Omeka as the site for our class Perpetua and Felicitas exhibits was simple. The information that needed to be provided per post, whether it was source information or usage rights for content, had its own category for each individual metadata that needed to be added along with the post. In comparison to our Word Press sites Omeka seems like the simpler version of website or exhibit creating softwares. With Word Press there is less guidance to the user making things a little more complicated to appear where you want them to. With Omeka it was a lot simpler in my opinion as far as posting content to a page and it coming out as Perpetua and Felicitasyou anticipated it to.

I was really surprised how much content of Perpetua and Felicitas we were able to find and then analyze with descriptions. We created the entire exhibit in a class period with a lot of really unbiased informative content about the martyrdom that would happen in Rome at the time. The story of Perpetua and Felicitas was interesting due to the devotion that they had for their religion. At the time, martyrdom was for criminals and them refusing to renounce their Christianity and practice Catholicism was one of the biggest crimes of all. They were brutally killed and made examples of to the people of the community to not follow in their disobedience or that will also be their fate.

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